30 Nov 2011

New on Etsy

So here, finaly I put myseft together and I opened my own Etsy shop! Everybody was asking me why I dont sell the things, so I decided to give a try.
First thing on etsy is of course my favorite kusudama. Christmas is comming and I decided these realy small flower balls (round 4 -5 cm width) decorated with beads can make a good start. 

To make these tiny kusudamas is a bit more dificult then a bigger ones. I used a pincet to fold these small squeres of paper. And each flower is decorated with bead. Also I made a small nearly invisable loop for the string or ribbon. In this way ribbon can be easily changed acording to any need without cutting the old one.
It takes some time to make it so small, but I really like the result. I am sure these mini kusudamas can be on the top of christmas tree. Not of cource nesisarely for christmas - I hanged one on a mirror in my car.

Anyway, I am new on Etsy. It takes some time to understand how it works, but as they say in Cyprus siga siga (eng. slowly slowly) we get there. And I promise there will be some more!

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  1. Hello , my name is kimberly. I have been trying to learn how to make a ball out of beads. I just can't seem to get it. But just seen your paper ones and wonder if this would be easier for me to do . Texas