30 Dec 2010

That's how it starts...

I always felt some kind of hunger of creating things. That’s why I absolutely loved working as a chief editor of a newspapers and magazine, because after sleepless night and a few hours of waiting you get the product – your baby, a brand new print! I loved the smell of paper and paint.
I absolutely love arranging different events because there is nothing better like the feeling that the work is done, event is almost over and people around you are enjoying themselves.
At the moment when I start writing this blog I work as entertainer in Cyprus. During the season I changed many hotels, but the one I’m working at the moment is a family hotel, a real family hotel. So most of the time I spend with kids, running the kiddies club. I absolutely love that because first of all I love kids – they can’t lie – this is the thing we learn later. But more important thing is that kids still have the possibility to be sincerely happy about simple things – this is the thing we loose with the age. I’m more than happy that coincidences of my life brought me there, where I am at the moment, because I found so many joyful things and just came back to my childhood as if I skipped something in there. And my advice would be to everybody to stop for a second and to feel joy by doing something what brings you joy without thinking about use. Everybody needs that. And if once you’ll feel that piece and fulfillness what it brings you’ll feel that creating IS a pleasure and celebration every time.
Anyway this blog is for giving some ideas and helping to find information about making the world more beautiful, not about my philosophy so I’ll try my best to think less and to say more about the nice things you can easily make at home using simple materials. 

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