25 Nov 2011

Extraordinary picture frame

Helo there, I'm still here! Here is one more easy craft for kids. Probably from now on I'll be posting more adult crafts as my situation has changed and at the moment I don't work with kids. But still some ideas left, so here we go! 

Here is my Tekila's photo framed in extraordinary frame we made with kids during last summer. All you need is : some colored tissue paper, carton (old box is perfect), glue and a stick or a straw.

Cut the shape of the frame - its just a rectangle (it might also be a square - as you wish ) with  cutted rectangle in the middle. (This one might be dificult to do for the kids the slves. Strong adult hand requiered).

Bit by bit put some glue on a carton and start sticking bits of colored tissue paper (you cut paper to small pieces, not neciserely very even). The trick is that for sticking we use a staw: put straw in the middle of the paper, wrap it a bit and stick. Only the center of the piece of tissue paper is glued, all sides are sort of sticking out. Which is good. Try to put paper as close to each other as posible, so carton could be seen. 

Good luck!!!!

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