6 Dec 2011

Lizard pillows

Inspired by gorgeous our home pet George (see pic. on the left) I decided to dedicate a few cushions for this amazing creature. At first, here are some pctures with the result and then a 'how to' bit.

One of two pillow cases is made crocheting line by line. Its like making a net, small squares and filling up some of little squares makes a picture you want. The scheme is the same as cross stitching. 

The secret is, that to make your own original scheme is much more simple than you think, especially if you are using only one color strings. Here is what I did: 

I drew a lizard on a piece of squared paper with the pencil and then I filled the picture with tiny crosses and erased the pencil to get get the view more clear. That's it! I did the same for both pillows: croched and stitched one. 

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