26 Mar 2012

New passion - tatting

Recently I discovered brand new for me lace making technique - tatting. And I feel that i becoming sort of obsessed with it. In a good way of course. But about everything from the begging.

Tatting (or also French frivolite) is a technique constructed from series of knots and loops. The ornaments made using this technique are marvelous, I've collected some inspiring pictures in my facebook page. Sometimes from the first view it reminds crochet, well, but its not. Although there is a way of tatting using special tool. The other tools for tatting is special tatting needle and special shuttle. I am using shuttle so far, so I can't say much about the other tatting tools. 

Tatting shuttle and thread

I ordered tatting needle on line, the metal one with replaceable bobbins. It works just fine, but for those who are planning to get some of these tools friendly advice - get at least two at once, as some patterns require to work with two shuttles the same tame. 
Or course it takes some time for shuttle to reach you if you ordered it on line especially and if you are so impatient to try it as soon as possible you can make a shuttle by your self! Here is great idea how to make it using simple materials. This is what I did and it worked just fine for practice. 

When you have a main tool, the other necessarily thing is thread. I am using cotton string No.12 (the earrings in the picture above is made from this thread). Just I had one big roll of white thread at hand, and for practice it works just fine. After you'll learn basic steps you can go with finer and dark color thread. No.12 and white works very well for the beginning as it is easier to see the knots.

Speaking about other tools you should keep scissors at a hand. Later you can sometimes use a crochet hook and also I'll try to make tutorial how to make measuring tool for loops. But so far, you have everything you need.

Getting started

Books on Tatting are way too expensive in my point of view, especially having in mind that you can find everything on internet. Just takes some time to search. I will make this time shorter for you. I have been browsing for tutorials for days and days, and the conclusion is: the best video tutorials are made by Karen Cabrera. (Thank you Karen one more time!) Don't get scared by amount of lessons on tatting. Just start from lesson one, for the beginning first 10 lessons are more then enough. 

There are much more tutorials in different forms on internet, so I just don't want to repeat them. Instead I'll go to prepare you step by step tutorial for flower earrings while you are practicing main knots. Don't worry, first steps may look a bit difficult but as soon as you will get the technique it works like best therapy! 

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