13 Jan 2012

Traditional wrist warmers and knitted jewelry

Beaded wrist warmers, more precise  - wristers are traditional Lithuanian 
accessory which use to be part of  the national costume. Both men an women use to wear them outdoor and indoors as it keeps not only hands but all your body warm as its normally made from natural wool. The variety of patterns is enormous! If you google Lithuanian word riesines
Anyway, now wristers are sort of reborn, so if you are interested in making techniques, without bigger difficulties you cab find loads on line tutorials how to make a pair of this useful and also pretty accessory.

Inspired by traditional wristers, using the same technique I made some bracelets. It's easy to make and you can match any color you like according to your wardrobe. Just a couple of hours and you can have brand new jewelry exact the same color as your sweater, scarf or socks. Just a bit of string and some matching beads. Here is the result.

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