13 Mar 2011

More flowers!

Recently my sister send me a picture of the brooch she made. It's really original. As you can see it's made from zip. Isn't that clever?! :) 

You can easily make one your self. The step by step instruction you can find here, it's in Lithuanian but with pictures so must be pretty clear.

Inspired by these zip flowers and up coming spring I started searching for some new flower making techniques. As I like saying, everything is already invented, just need to discover it again :) And discovered  an amazing art of traditional Japanese kanzashi flowers. 

Kanzashi are hair ornaments used in traditional Japanese hairstyles. The whole history of these traditional ornaments is really interesting and a bit complex, so I'll try to write more about that later. Anyway, nowadays
kanzashi is mostly applied to folded fabric-petals flowers. 

Here is my first attempt to make kanzashi style brooch. Not so impressive so far as you can find browsing, but at the moment I'm cutting old clothes and going to recycle them into kanzashi flower style accessories. Coming more really soon!

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