9 Mar 2011

Carnival masks

It's been really busy last few weeks in here! A festivity - Limassol carnival - brought to this town a lot of families from all Cyprus. What kind of carnival without masks?! So of course we making different masks every day all week long.

The easiest way to make a mask - printable masks which you can find on internet, like here. To make activity last longer and to get various and original masks - you can print black & white masks and let kids to color them. 

What we did, we made some masks my favourite mosaic technique. Thanks to David and all his family for thinking about us and bringing pile of masks for us! Those are simple ready made carton masks with  sores. (Good example of advertising, by the way. Well done Primetel!)

Unfortunately all advert was covered with different color paper. Thanks to Carole & Rob for sending us some shiny, glossy paper. It made our masks even more luxurious! And we didn't have use glitter on which I'm not so keen as it is impossible to take it from my head and clothes after :)))

In the end I came up with idea to decorate masks with a paper feathers. I found some impressive paper feathers in here.

So here it is! Really easy to create right atmosphere for the carnival. In the evening on a mini disco everybody was wearing their own made masks !

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