5 Feb 2011

Present boxes

I was charmed by Billie's origami box with matching cute present inside so I tried to make a classical origami box as well. Soon I got bored with making empty boxes so I've decided to fill the boxes with some  cute origami crafts. Even more, I found it interesting to make as small boxes and presents as possible.
As I absolutely love improvising with paper I can tell you that you can fold almost anything. For my tiny boxes I've used an old calendar with lovely pictures, also I found a really nice promotional brochure with a map - and look on the corner of the box there is Lithuania :)

 The cover of this box is made from the same calendar - love the view of the sea on it. So inside the sea box there must be a fish - I folded really small traditional Japanese fish from translucent paper.

 And of course I couldn't forget about traditional Japanese cranes! To make these presents even more special I gave a name for each bird: pink one is a Good luck bird, the Good news bird is folded from a piece of newspaper and the last one - Singing bird is folded from paper with notes.

I also tried to make box full of small origami lucky stars which are easy to make and kids love those! I called this Sweet Dreams Box. Video instruction for lucky star you can find here.

The small rose I quilled from my favourite red colour paper. I varnished it to keep it in the right shape and also the varnish gave a nice gloss. In fact I varnished some covers of the boxes to make them more resistant and shiny of course.

The lucky star I already gave as little something for a happy birthday. I think these small boxes with a little surprise can make somebody's day and not only for some special occasions.


  1. Hi Sky

    I love what you have done with the boxes. They are great for table decoration as well.

    I made some origami cranes from velum once for earings, they came out great. Have you read the story behind the peace cranes? Very moving, but inspirational too.

    Best wishes

    Billie :)

  2. Thank you Billie! :)
    That's a great idea to make origami crane earrings, definitely gonna try to do that asap ;)

    Best regards ;)