11 Feb 2011

3D swan upside down

I've been making modular origami swans for some time now. Different sizes and colours. This time I decided to try to make one upside down. To tell you the truth I couldn't find any instruction of one on internet, my friend showed me how to start. The point is that triangles (modules), which are exactly the same, are putten one into each other 'legs' down and the 'pockets' up. It takes some time to get used to it, once you do it rather simple to put them together. 
To my opinion this way makes a bird look more fluffy and it's nice, but this model is not so resistant. I mean you need to put a roll of carton inside the bird to hold the bottom part of it and still it can fall apart quite easily. But as far as you are not going to do a birdie dance it stays still really nice :)

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