30 Dec 2010

Modular swan

These swans look really impressive and you won’t believe it how easy is to make them. All you need is paper and a bit of patience because to make one swan you’ll need almost 500 triangles made from small rectangle shaped paper. And NO you can’t make a smaller one by using less rectangles; you can make a smaller by using the same amount but smaller rectangles. 

I found how to make this swan by accident, because when I was working in one hotel in Paphos all equipment we had in kids club was – colored paper. It took ages to get a glue, paint or scissors… Anyway I had to think of something and after folding all the simple things I made one swan and kids were really excited to make one of their own. It’s really easy to make one feather – a triangle – so I thought them how to do it and I promised I’ll put them together. After two days we decided we need to recall kids club into origami club, because in a few days we all together made three swans. That was a great team work!
Later all the adults were involved too. Everybody who wanted to take part in making biggest swan made one feather. The result – gorgeous swan – was the best prize :)
There is one better thing about making modular origami – there is only one side of the paper which you can see so you can easily fold it from used paper. Project “Save the nature”! It worked excellent in my hotel – office saved used paper for me, all the staff and even guests were making feathers and we got the beautiful swan family!
If you have enough patience to make triangles and put them together you can find diagram of the swan here and video here.

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