4 Jan 2011

Salt figures

We were making original decorations for the Christmas tree but you can easily make medallions, jewelry, different figures and decorations for any other occasion! Besides it’s a great fun, although it takes some time.
I prepared paste for salt figures at home and brought it ready for my young artists. I wasn’t really precise by making paste as the most important is to make mass easy for modeling. 1 part of salt I melted in 1 part of warm water and then mixed 1, 5 – 2 parts of flour. Also I put some olive oil, and we use the same oil for hands to make them less sticky :). We used only few forms we had, I made a few ginger man and angels by simply using a shape I cut from paper. Just remember to make a hole for a string before they dry if you plan to hang it somewhere as later you might have some difficulties because figures can break. I didn’t try that but specialists claim if you want to make them harder you can add some glue into pasta.
After your figures are ready you can either wait a few days until they’ll dry, but if you don’t have enough time or patience you can bake them just simply in the oven. The only thing is that the temperature can’t be higher than 80 degrees otherwise your figures might get not good looking pimples. Baking will take a few hours depending on how thick your crafts are. And after that – just paint them with all different colors! Some of our salt figures became reflection of true nationalistic feelings :) :) :)


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