16 Jan 2011

Party hat dolls

Making kusudama dolls became really popular activity in our kiddies club. Even moms are interested to make one or two and to learn how to make a flower. One day there were so many doll makers that I ran out of ready made flowers (normally I have a box full of different sizes colored flowers and kids just put them together into a doll). I decided to use a party hat as it has the same shape as a flower and to show hot it goes.
Even if you don’t have ready party hat, it’s really easy to make them from carton as long as you have at least one party hat as a template. For hands you can use small kusudama flowers or just cut them from the same carton. Heads are made from cotton as it was before – just couldn’t think of anything better from the things we have at home. Just one more thing – now I put the tooth stick instead of a neck. Of course you can't see it but it helps to keep your dolls head straight even if you make a nice but usually quite heavy for cotton head hat. 

One more trick – round paper napkins. Absolutely love them, and for sure this is not the only craft were I’m going to use them. I made a princess doll. Thanks god there are girls who still like princesses because sometimes it seams to me models, movie and pop start taking over! I used the same napkin to make princesses’ dress, sleeves and a crown.
Our doll family is getting bigger. Masha already made 5 grandchildren and named to all of them. There is a risk our family will need a separate window – sill.

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