16 Jan 2011

Giant Sonobe ball

Finally it’s done! Ball completed. Lessons learned.
In the giant sonobe ball project took part also two friends of mine. So we made 270 modules quite fast. The big thing was to put them together. The first mistake I did – I thought I can do this without any instruction so I was making “flowers” from 6 triangles and the project was getting bigger and bigger but it didn’t really looked like a ball, more like a carpet. So then we decided that we need to skip 6th triangle in some circles. Anyway it took ages to put separate sonobe modules into something more like a ball. After hours and hours of trying it’s ready! Still it’s not a perfect sphere, maybe because I had 36 sonobe models left although I suppose to use all 270 units to make it. Anyway in two minutes I made another small sonobe ball from 30 units. That was easy :)

So you see this time I can't suggest you any link with diagram because I didn't find it and I was trying to do it on my own. I didn't do very well so the only advise I can give this time - don't do it without instructions. Never again! :)


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  1. same exact thing happened to me... I tried making each point thing with 6 pieces and it turned into a carpet!!!!