8 Jan 2011


Yesterday night I finally finished Icosahedron project. Have to tell you that it wasn't the easy one and it took me aged to glue parts together. A saw this project in a picture where it looks absolutely gorgeous and for a week or even more I was trying to find the folding instruction on the Internet. The problem was, that on the picture it says "kusudama",  but it's not. In fact you can't really call it origami, thought it is made of paper. The thing is that u need to cut special shapes from paper, fold them a bit and then glue them together. It takes a lot of patience, especially tricky is to glue the last units, but practice makes perfect!

Here is ready template which you can use, just printing 10 pages or you can cut the form and put it on the colour paper as I did. I'm always trying to save the paper so I managed to fit 3 units on one piece of paper. On the same blog you can find folding details.

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