9 May 2011

Friendship bracelets

Long time! After all sorts of things I'm back again with new arts and crafts. At the moment I've just changed my working place - moved to next door hotel. I'm going to work in kiddies club only, so hopefully I'll have loads of time to create new crafts and original activities In fact, I already had a chance to remember old days how I use to make double knot bracelets at school.

Making them is really easy and my first try to teach 8 year old Liza was a success! Next day she came to make one more for her friend, and another...

I didn't make step by step post this time. But there are loads of instructions on internet if you google it, here is one, which I find really clear.
Of course, beside double knot bracelets there are loads and loads of ways to make friendship bracelets by just using a simple string. I've tried a few, but the list is endless! It's really good activity where you don't need loads of things and of course it's a great gift for friends of a nice memory from holiday. Have fun!


  1. hello :)
    Friendship bracelets are very cool )))
    How are you?

  2. Hey! And it's eassy to make! ;) Im very good, thank you. And how are u?

  3. Im good too :)
    do you know me?
    where are you now?

  4. Hey, I remember you just not sure from which hotel :) Im in Limassol now :)

  5. I was in St. Raphael :)))

  6. Oh, good. I'm just in the next door hotel in case if you coming back to Cyprus ;)