17 Feb 2011

Tissue flowers. Step by step.

We still using anything and everything what we can find in a hotel for our arts and crafts. So a few days with two really diligent girls we made this big bouquet of tissue flowers. Vase is mosaic from small pieces of colour carton. For making flowers we used simple white tissues and some green  crepe paper for leafs.
Its really simple to make there flowers and variety of flowers you can make by using the same tissue is incredible!

All you need to do is:  
  • Fold the tissue and staple in few places. Then draw a shape of flower leaving staple in the centre of the flower. Cut the flower shape. 

  • Lift every layer of tissue one by one and press a bit to centre.     

  • After you finish lifting up the layers turn the flower up side down  and put just a bit of paint. Mix the paint with some water as tissue absorbs the water together with paint and you have slight colour in the middle of the bloom. Also if you want it more colourful you can do the same from the other side. Just be careful not to rumple it.

Use your imagination! You can make loads of different blooms by using simple tissue. It depend on you how big your flowers will be, me personally prefer micro :) Here is slightly pink sakura twig picture I made:

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