15 Jan 2011

Quilled zoo

Last two days we with my 5 year old friend Masha were really busy. It was too windy and rather cold to play outside so we decided to make a few new projects. After finishing mosaic we decided to try paper quilling. We were doing pretty good I think. Masha was making different sizes paper rolls and I was putting them together, trying to make all kind of animals we could think of. Finally we got the whole zoo!
We didn’t have any special tools. For quilling Masha used handle of a paint brush. We used different color paper – some of animals are made from colored carton, some from ordinary color paper. It’s a bit more difficult to glue the carton rolls – then it’s better to use ordinary glue than a glue stick. Heads of our animals we cut from paper and we used ready made eyes but you easily can draw them. As we are not professionals we didn’t really used any scheme to make bodies from rolls, we just improvised and here is the result: 

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