28 Jan 2011

More kusudamas. More news.

No no no, I'm not gone anywhere and our workshop still working one hundred pro cent unfortunately it can't be said about my camera. Have some problems with my camera so for some time I couldn't make any pictures of new crafts to show you. Broken camera is a bad news but I also have a good one! I found a photographer - Fredi - who is going to make best pictures of whatever I make. So from now on there will be best pictures for my posts and a big gallery. I tried to make a slide show, unfortunately pictures are a bit too small in there. So if anybody knows how to make a sideshow a bit bigger I could use your advise because I'm much better with the paper that with technologies.
What else new? A brand new kusudama! Just joking. Although I said I will never try make anything without any instruction I did it again. So I was trying to make curler kusudama (video instruction you can find here) but as I said I wasn't actually following instructions so I twisted the corners the wrong way, and here is what I made by accident:

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